Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell and Internal Complaint Cell

As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court, an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell and Internal Complaint Cell has been established by Model Engineering College to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to the staff and students of the College.

The cell works to uphold zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. It promotes measures aimed at achieving gender equality, removal of gender bias or discrimination, sexual harassment, and other acts of gender-based violence by organising awareness programmes and campaigns for the benefit of all members of the college.


  1. To promote a social and psychological environment that will raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms
  2. To facilitate a safe environment that is free of sexual harassment
  3. To develop guidelines and norms for policies against sexual harassment
  4. To develop principles and procedures to combat sexual harassment
  5. To provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination
  6. To create a secure physical and social environment which will deter acts of sexual harassment

Definition of sexual harassment :

Sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined behaviour (whether directly or by implication) as:

  1. Physical contact and advances
  2. Demand or request for sexual favours
  3. Sexually coloured remarks
  4. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature
  5. Publishing, circulating or displaying pornographic, racist, sexually suggestive or otherwise offensive pictures or other materials


  1. Dr. Jaya V L,   Presiding officer,  9745108648, [email protected]
  2. Mr. Murali Mohanan,   Member (CS),   7012253542,  [email protected]
  3. Ms. Sindu S,  Member (AS),  9446445501,  [email protected]
  4. Mr. Arun C R,   Member (EC),  9446490296, [email protected]
  5. Ms. Bella Jacob,  Member (BM),  9447580124,   [email protected]
  6. Ms. Reena Manuel,   Member (Office),   9847919178,   [email protected]
  7. Mr. Sreehari N,  Student member,  S7 EC A,  8547571696,  [email protected]
  8. Kum. Anagha S Menon,  Student member,  S5 CS A,  7994842380,  [email protected]
  9. Kum. Husna Fathima U M,   Student member,   8589867626,   [email protected]
  10. Matron, YMCA,   External member,   7558086043,   [email protected]

On receipt of complaint :

Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell assures that all the complaints of the students, teaching and non-teaching staffs are treated with dignity, respect and the complaints shall be maintained confidential.

False Reporting : 

Intentionally making a false report or providing false information is grounds for indiscipline.

Handbook on sexual harassment of women at workplace by Ministry of women and child development, 2015