Mechanical Engineering


The department offers M Tech Programme in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Energy Management. The objective of the course is to equip engineers to assess, preserve and manage energy resources in industries and other organizations. The course focuses on efficient utilization of thermal and non conventional energy by effective management and also to develop and propagate a culture of energy preservation among the students, engineers and industry.

The mechanical engineering department is also engaged in the teaching of basic engineering subjects and provides courses Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Fluid dynamics, Strength of Materials, and Industrial Organization and Management. The focus of these basic courses is to create a set of engineers well versed in the basic engineering disciplines so as to solve real world problems accurately and efficiently.

  • Subjects of industrial importance are Solar Energy Engineering, Process Reliability Engineering, Energy Conversion Systems.
  • Solar Engineering lab and Computational lab are the labs set up under this department.

Dr. Shouri P V

Other Responsibilties

Member , ISTE
Chairman, Continuing Education Cell, MEC
Chairman, Bus Committee, MEC
Academic Auditor, KTU
Data Auditor, TEQIP


20 years of teaching experience under IHRD.

Subjects Handled

Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer
Economics of Energy Engineering
Process Reliability Engineering
Thermal Energy Storage systems
Energy and Enviornment
Industrial Organization and Management
Basic Mechanical Engineering


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  • Areas of interest

    Reliability Engineering
    Energy Management


    Solar Engineering research lab equipped with solar training kits, photo voltaic training kit, solar stills , solar air heaters, solar thermal cookers, etc

    Computer lab for Mechanical design and developments with CATIA 6, CATIA 5, softwares for Numerical methods and open sources soft wares

    Mechanical Workshop with skill development training facility in Carpentry, fitting, welding turning and sheet metal work. Facilities for design and fabrication of mechanical structures for project work of all level.

    Class rooms with Audio visual facilities.