The Arts club is very active and provides a big platform to expose all the talents and give equal opportunities to all the students to bring up their skills in every creative perspective. Apart from the college arts fest, there are lots of inter-college events in which the college has actively participated and won. The club is responsible for organizing all the arts events and the Annual Arts Fest, Layatharang in our college.


Layatharang is the intra-college annual arts fest of Govt. Model Engg. College. It is a showcase of performing music, theater, dance, poetry, film, painting and more by a talented group of student artists. The students are divided into a number of houses and vie with each other for the coveted trophy. The competitions amongst the house provide a platform for the students to exhibit their talents and develop a sense of healthy competitiveness. The off-stage events are conducted before hand while the on-stage are conducted over a duration of 2-3 days. Layatharang 2015 was a culmination of music, art and dance from 22nd to 24th of January, 2015.

The winners are encouraged to participate in the University Arts fest. The outstanding performers are selected and gathered together to represent the college at the university level. The students who bag the prizes are awarded grace marks for their university exams.